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Precision Casting

The lost wax method is very suitable for producing precision castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy & quality. In addition, it offers a large freedom in both design and material choice of your desired castings. Precision castings are known as the highest quality castings available on the market.

WHY CASTINGS FROM HUAWEI  precision ing casting?

HUAWEI  is your reliable partner in the field of precision investment castings and highly values a good client relationship. In good cooperation with you as our customer, we would like to act as a development partner, sharing our thoughts and ideas about product design, material choice, measurements or machining.
All of this is matched exactly to your wishes and demands. Achieving an optimal casting through joint dialogue is our general principle. The degree of co-development is decisive in your project’s success.


The lost wax method lends itself perfectly to produce investment castings in large and medium series. These castings can be applied in a wide range of industries, mainly in:

LONGXING CASTING is a professional Precision Casting manufacturer and supplier in China. As a first class company, our factory has advanced foundry technique and offers the best quality machinery parts. Welcome to buy Precision Casting and other products from us.

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